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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Donor Guidelines
from ASRM American Society of Reproductive Medicine

Pre-I.V.F. Planning Packet

Online Application to Donate

Embryos Alive works with donors to ensure they are 100% confident with their choice of adoptive parent/s. Transparent, agency liaison, email or anonymous adoption options with registration on the DSR or mediation are available.
Donors begin by providing E.A. with their profile and if they feel that they are a good fit, potential adoptors will ask EA to submit their profile for you (donors) to review and then you select the best family for your embryo(s).
Also the adoptors clinic will want to review the embryology and blood lab tests prior to acceptance of the embryos.

Embryos Alive and assisted reproduction clinics support the following Donor Guidelines from ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine):
smlarrow The first step to donation is to provide the name of your clinic and contact person -EA contacts donors clinic for your clinic's blank release of medical records form. (E.A. can assist in filling it out and return it to you for your signatures)
Why?  The release of records form allows adopters clinics to review donors infectious disease tests and test results, embryology report, grading system, egg and sperm donor determination of eligibility profile, physicals, and social medical histories.  The recipient clinic can then determine if any FDA guideline additional blood tests would be needed (each clinic interprets the guidelines differently.
F.D.A. guidelines implemented in May 25, 2005 request that donors be retested 3 months after their IVF. Donors are Re-tested because there is an incubation period where in an STD could show up.
And some clinics interpret the FDA guidelines to mean that even if the IVF was done prior to May 25 2005 adopter's clinics to repeat the STD and infectious disease blood tests while other clinics interpret the guidelines to allow the adopting clinic to consult with the adopters, explain the risks, and place a letter in the file stating they understood the risks.  Adopters may be contact your physician and request a consultation.  E.A. also recommends Reglera consultants for tissue testing determination.

The FDA blood work panel consists of the following: (as of January 2009)

 They must use an FDA "kit" and an FDA "approved" lab  (Lab Corps and Labs Inc. Must be for Living Tissue Donor Diagnostic testing-
1.  HBsAg (Hepatitis B surface antigen)
2.  Anti-HBc Total
3.  Anti-HCV
4.  Anti-HIV 1,2 plus O series
5.  Syphilis RPR
1.  HBsAg
2.  Anti-HBc Total
3.  Anti-HCV
4.  Anti-HIV 1,2 plus O series
5.  Anti-HTLV I/II
6.  Syphilis RPR
9.  CMV IgG
10.CMV IgM

*New York and California require additional blood lab work results
*Egg Donor and Sperm Donor require an additional letter or summary of eligibility
*The FDA continues to update and/or add new tests to their required list so please contact your clinic for the tests they want for you for their most recent list of FDA requirements.

Donors may be asked to complete a personality inventory such as the Keirsey  Temperament Sorter.

Benefits of Donating through E.A.
  • Donating gives your embryo/s a chance for life.
  • It relieves you/donor/s of psychological stress of deciding what to do with them.
  • It provides fulfillment in helping other infertile parent/s.
  • There is assurance that the adopting parent/s have been well-screened for their ability to become successful parents.
  • Donors choose transparent/agency liaison/ or closed-anonymous relationship
  • Donors specify characteristics of adoptor(s) including: age range, single or married, use of a surrogate, geographic location, number of other children in the home, level of education, values, religion, ethnic background, health, employment and other characteristics.
  • Both parties have a facilitator to assist with communication and process issues.

Benefits of Referring Patients

  • Your patients use your clinic. (new patients may also be referred to you)
    Adoptors will appreciate finding potential embryos through E.A. and upon match adoptors can have adopted embryos shipped to your clinic for their  F.E.T. frozen embryo transfer.

  • If you have embryos from patients that you would like to have matched-we launched an on-site only program where you can stipulate on site only (and have patients in our database only be matched if they come to you.) Please request this option at the time of donation.

  • Before you send past due payment on to collections-contact us- in many cases recipients pay past due cryostorage fees.

We provide an alternative to the closed/anonymous option which many families like (no secrets and children who are born will not go off to school and marry each other).

We can be reached via email or 513-518-7006 to provide brochures, mailing inserts, business cards for your clinic or you may refer patients to our website.  We will supply the necessary release and relinquishment forms to the donors as well as assist with coordinating any additional blood work for infectious disease that may be necessary.

In order to assist with the future issues of divorce, legally debilitating accident, or death this Pre-I.V.F. Planning Packet  will assist in the process.

Whether Donors have questions about a prospective adoptive parent, want to speak with members of the assisted reproductive community, need help with finding a shipper or tank, need help locating a blood draw or testing facility, or simply need help locating a mobile notary, Embryos Alive can facilitate the donation process.

What if we find our own adoptors?

  • If you have found a family that you would like to donate your embryos to but want an agency to work with: Contact E.A. and we provide the legal paperwork, and adoptors dossier family study documents.

  • Using Embryos Alive Adoption agency is no charge to donors and the service gives donor/s peace of mind that the adoptors have provided us with record checks for sex abuse, child abuse, physician letter of their ability to carry a child to term,  non-relative references, driving history which would indicate a history of DUI's, proof of income, a will, proof of health and life insurance, and proof of other documents.
  • E.A. maintains files for agency liaison, transparent, e-mail and anonymous relationships.
  • Considerations
  • Online Application to Donate


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