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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Fertility Clinics

Do you offer FET's with Donor Embryos?
Our Services to Clinics
  • For your current  patient(s) who are candidates for an F.E.T. Frozen Embryo Transfer- using donated embryos
  • When your successful IVF patients seek alternatives to cryo-storage, destruction, stem cell research, or anonymous donation for their frozen embryos

    Embryos Alive, the 2nd oldest embryo adoption agency offers embryo adoption or donation as an option.

What We Do 

  • Embryos Alive matches your patients with donor embryos
  • Your current patients see you because the embryos are shipped directly to your clinic.
  • Facilitate on site only option for embryos you donate to E.A. adoptors who would come to you location.

How Do We Start? Mentioning our website as an alternative for donors and adoptors is easy.  At your request we can send business cards, brochures, and a mailing insert for your Office/Cell so you can let your patients know we are an option that may work for them. At Embryos Alive, we work with couples and singles interested in providing a loving, stable home. They are screened through conventional adoption procedures with either a home study or dossier which contains over 20 items including  background checks similar to a home study, an agreement, a release of parental rights statement for open, agency liaison, or closed adoption. Then our agency presents profiles of the approved adoptive parent(s) to embryo donors who, much like a traditional adoption, are able to choose the recipients.

We are happy to collaborate with you on both sides of the adoption process, matching donors with recipients and referring recipients to your clinic/s.

What Is "on site only" option? We are also the first agency to offer embryos for adoption from your clinics "on site only" option- allowing us to match your extra donated embryos with our screened adoptors from our database.  Women from all over the country are in our database and some would welcome the opportunity to receive your clinics extra embryos by becoming your patient and completing the transfer at your location.

Again telling your patients about our website as an option is easy.  At your request we can send business cards, brochures for your Office/Cell, and you can use the attached mailing insert in your billing statement so you can let your patients know we are an option that may work for them.

Who We Are Our staff is familiar with S.A.R.T., FDA, and individual clinic interpretations of guidelines and collaborates with each clinic to ensure necessary reports and records and are made available or obtained when possible. In addition, when adoptive parent/s need to transfer their embryos, we want to refer them to clinics we work with. Founded in 2003, Embryos Alive, the second oldest embryo adoption agency in the United States, with over 25 years working with children and families, is committed to the ethical and compassionate treatment of viable embryos. As the world of embryo adoption grows, we are at the forefront of matching loving parents with little ones waiting to be born. We invite you to join embryologists, reproductive endocrinologists, clinics, and cryo-banks across the United States and, where legally possible, abroad to join with us as we build families through embryo adoption.

For All Your IVF Patients 
Pre I.V.F. packets include forms for your patients to provide for any extra embryos created through the IVF process in the event of the patients divorce, death, or debilitating accident.

Pre-I.V.F. Planning Packet (click here)

Let us know what questions you have.

Embryo's Alive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-5020

Hours 9:30 to 4:30 Monday–Friday Eastern Standard Time

Phone: 513-518-7006 Fax: 727-489-2427


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