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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere


by Vera I. Fahlberg, M.D.
For some children, being in placement is only a brief stop on the way to being reunited with their parents or placed with an adoptive family. Others may wander in and out of care throughout their childhood. A CHILD'S JOURNEY THROUGH PLACEMENT provides the tools to help both professionals and parents support these children on their way to adulthood. (Paper, 432 pgs, 1991)

TEACH AND REACH: Students with Attention Deficit Disorders
by Nancy L. Eisenberg, M.S.W. and Pamela H. Esser, M.S.
Written for both parents and educators of ADD students, this easy to use, comprehensive reference covers all aspects of students' functioning (academic, social, emotional, and behavioral) in the classroom. It provides detailed innovative and effective teaching techniques and academic modification procedures. It includes strategies for doing homework, building self-esteem, stimulating motivation, and increasing organizational skills. TEACH AND REACH is an excellent book for you to donate to the teachers' professional library in your child's school as well as to keep for yourself. (Spiral bound, 200 pgs, 1994)

GROWING UP ADOPTED: A Portrait of Adolescents and Their Families
by P.L. Benson, Ph.D., A.R. Sharma, Ph.D., L.P, and E.C. Roehlkepartain
GROWING UP ADOPTED presents the eagerly awaited results of a groundbreaking study designed to examine the mental health and service needs of adolescents who were adopted as infants. The book examines issues such as identity, self-esteem, attachment, and family dynamics. The strong conclusion presented is that most adopted children do just as well as their nonadopted counterparts. (Paper, 128 pgs, 1994)

ADOPTION AND THE FAMILY SYSTEM: Strategies for Treatment
by Miriam Reitz, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., and Kenneth W. Watson, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.
Adoption is a profound experience that touches upon universal themes of abandonment, identity, sexuality, parenthood, and the sense of belonging. This book utilizes family systems theory to construct a practical treatment approach for working with families on the myriad issues and interrelationships that surround adoption. ADOPTION AND THE FAMILY SYSTEM offers practical guidance for implementing differential treatment and effective clinical procedures for all members of the adoption triangle. (Hardcover, 340 pgs, 1992)

KINSHIP WITH STRANGERS: Adoption and Interpretations of Kinship in American Culture
Kinship with Strangers: Adoption and Interpretations of Kinship in American Cultureby Judith S. Modell
Adoption challenges our understanding of the core symbols of kinship in American culture: birth, biology, and blood. KINSHIP WITH STRANGERS examines these symbols and the way that they affect people who experience adoption. The findings reported here are timely and extremely moving _ they contribute valuable insights to the current debates about secrecy and decision making power in adoption. (Hardcover, 280 pgs, 1994)

Encyclopedia of Adoption 
by Christine Adamec and William L. Pierce, Ph.D.

Residential Treatment: A Tapestry of Many Therapies

RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT: A Tapestry of Many Therapies
Vera I Fahlberg  M.D.(Editor) / Paperback / Perspectives Press, Incorporated / July 1996


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