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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Embryos Available

Embryos Available:


Info about donors:

Height and Weight

Bio Female: 5' 3" 110
Bio Male: 5'6" 155

Hair and Eye Color

Bio Female: Black hair Brown eyes
BioMale: Blonde hair Blue eyes


Bio Female: 33   Bio Male: 32

Number of Children and How Conceived


Ethnic Background

Bio Female: Japanese
Bio Male: Chinese Cantonese


Religious Background (and importance)

Bio Female:
Bio Male:

Level of Education

Bio Female: Pharm Doctorate
Bio Male: MD.

Hobbies and Interests

Bio Female: Loves to stay active but be at home as well

Bio Male: Loves to work out, cook, and work on home improvments


Bio Female: Pharmacist

Bio Male: Physician


Info about embies available:

# in storage


# of days old they are

Records requested

quality if you know it

Records requested

when were they stored

2019 checking records

how many babies were conceived from this procedure

1 checking records

anything else?


About the family donors want to choose:

Transparent/Agency Liaison/Email/ Anonymous

Open/semi open



Preferred age range of couple?? 30's to early 40's preferred
Any # of kids in the home
case by case
Surrogates ok?

Will donate to parent from another country?

Case by case

Anything else to add ?


Disclaimer: Profiles for this website and related content were prepared as informational and/or to expedite the adoption process. While we strive to provide correct information, neither the donors nor Embryos Alive, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information. We do however request donor's embryology and laboratory results to provide to your clinic for their review and acceptance.

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