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Matching donor embryos with adoptive families everywhere

Embryos Available


Embryos Available:
 Dexxxxx family 2
Info about donors:
Height and Weight
Anonymous Egg Donor: 5 ' 4" 128-130 lbs 
Anonymous Sperm Donor: 5'10" 155    lbs
Hair and Eye Color
Anonymous Egg Donor:   Dark Blonde hair  Blue/Green/Gray eyes  
Anonymous Sperm Donor:  Blue Eyes  Hair: Light Brown

Anonymous Egg Donor: 33 years at time of donation
Anonymous Sperm Donor:   30's  (born 1964)
Number of Children and How Conceived
Anonymous Egg donor had 2 children healthy in 2002 and 2005 and Anonymous Sperm Donor: Had 4 (all girls) children ages 9, 6, 4 and 2 at time of donation 1987 through 1995
Original donors have boy girl twins
Adopter now donor has 3 year old daughter (from first try)
Ethnic Background
Anonymous Egg Donor: English/Irish a little German
Anonymous Sperm Donor: Swiss
Religious Background (and importance)
Anonymous Egg Donor:  Christian
Anonymous Sperm Donor: Catholic
Level of Education

Anonymous Egg Donor: B.S. and certification
Anonymous Sperm donor: Physician (completed medical school)
Hobbies and Interests

Anonymous Egg Donor: Designing/Art
Anonymous Sperm Donor: Physics, Sciences, Classical Music, Spending time with family.

Anonymous Egg Donor: Interior Design/Business
Anonymous Sperm Donor: Physician
Info about embies available:
# in storage Not certain how many are available (possibly 6 or 7) (Caxxxxx family this adopter now donor) had 8 to start with at 2PN and got pregnant first try
Originally 31 to start with original donors having boy girl twins
and this adoptor now donors had one girl now age 3 born from these and  will touch base to see if any others have been born from these (some were just adopted and have not been used yet)
# of days old they are Records requested (this was a successful adoption now donating remaining so we are getting their records)
quality if you know it Original Clinic did not have specific grade for these since they were sent to several adopters  Lab work available
when were they stored Lab work available
how many babies were conceived from this procedure
Boy-Girl Twins (see disclaimer) Son was born with PVL Periventricular Leukamalacia  probably from a lack of oxygen at birth as a premie a condition that is reported to be due to birth not genetic- more information coming and please research this as well.
One adopter has a daughter from these used 1 and got their daughter now age 3 years old (other recent adopters have not used yet)
anything else?
About the family donors want to choose:
Transparent/agency liaison/ anonymous Adopters preference for contact
preferred age range of couple?? Any age range
any # of kids in the home
 Any number of children
Can they be from another country? Yes
surrogates ok?
anything else to add ? Adopters must arrange for cord blood storage and adopters will pay for cord blood storage in case something happens in the future that the donors need access to cord blood.

Please research PVL Periventricular Leukamalacia  (see disclaimer) Son was born with PVL  probably from a lack of oxygen at birth as a premie a condition that is reported to be due to birth not genetic- more information coming and please research this as well.
Also the son was technically diagnosed with autism but is not considered by donors as genetic and may be caused by his traumatic birth. We have a letter for you to review.

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