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Regret an Abortion


Silent No More about the regret of an abortion- Bonnie has begun fund raising to donate her own tree and plaque as a memorial to her aborted baby, the life that was ended at 12 weeks. Bonnie also hopes others will also donate a tree and/or a park bench in memory of their child who was aborted. The location of the memorial will be in Cottell Park in Mason, Ohio (see links below for order forms). 

Bonnie hopes that the donated tree and plaque will be a memorial to the baby that she aborted in 1979 and an outward symbol that she never forgot the baby and of her hope to meet the baby one day in heaven while the plaque may also serve as a testimony to those who read it that her abortion is a decision she has regretted.  Bonnie hopes others will join her by presenting their own tree or bench in  memorial of their aborted baby at this beautiful park.

Memorial for your Aborted Baby at Cottell Park
Plant a Tree with a plaque dedicate to the baby we aborted
Memorial for aborted baby
Park Bench

Priests for Life

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