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Awareness: Frozen Embryo Mortality and Burial 

“One of the challenges of any adoption is navigating times of uncertainty. With embryo adoption, one of those times occurs when adopted embryos are thawed for transfer. It's possible that not all the embryos will survive the thaw.”  

The standard lab practice is to dispose of deceased embryos (that is, embryos that can’t be transferred) as medical waste. However, you can ask to have your deceased embryos sent for burial. Burial is an act of love which honors your embryos and gives them a lasting place in this world.  

Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter’s mission is to provide burial for deceased IVF embryos. We serve people of all faiths and this work is carried out at no cost to families. Print this burial request form[]and give it to your IVF clinic or lab contact. 

Visit us: Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter [



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